Das Zuchthaus meets Kaltenstein II


A restructuring in the judiciary and Department XX has necessitated a transfer to the secret facility Kaltenstein II. The facility meets the highest security requirements in the special correctional system. No one has escaped here yet.

What awaits the offenders?

A new life behind high walls and barbed wire, new clothes, strict rules and state-of-the-art methods of behavior correction.

The place

.. Is secret, of course!

The facility is located somewhere in central Germany; that’s all you need to know.


  • Admission area for initial examinations and rigorous questioning.
  • waiting cells with wooden benches
  • Single or double cells (approx. 7 sqm; with WC)
  • punishment cells for misconduct and violations of the penitentiary regulations
  • Free passage in the prison yard (secured with hand and ankle cuffs)
  • Collective shower for the prisoners (the warden decides whether there is hot water).
  • The well-equipped prison clinic offers many proven treatment possibilities to subject the criminal subjects to correction.
  • Of course there are other special function rooms for behavioral correction (e.g. Corporal Punishment; …)
  • And, of course, we do not reveal everything …

Further notes

The occupancy of the special department XX (DasZuchthaus) is currently possible with up to 8 people.
Follow the summons and report to the gate at the specified time. The Secretariat@DasZuchthaus will inform you of the exact address, where and when you have to report in the arrival order.
In special cases, the transfer to DasZuchthaus is made by a specially equipped prisoner transport vehicle (GefKW).