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July Event 2024

Das Zuchthaus meets Kaltenstein II



Die Aufseherin


For a decade, Die Aufseherin is anchored in the military and imprisonment scene. She practices under various pseudonyms films, events and sessions and has various awards on the have side!

Famously notorious is her unpredictability, which gives the inmate a roller coaster of emotions and often goes to the limits. This is done through a variety of practices that can range from subtle, but quite efficient tunnel play to the Juridical Punishment.The imagination is little to no limits.

The personality of Die Aufseherin


Undoubtedly, it is certain that Die Aufseherin is extremely adept, consistent and selective. At first glance, she appears to be understanding, but her favor is very fragile.

Die Aufseherin does not tolerate any contradiction and you can very quickly become the last link in the hierarchy – the jail whore.

Prison Officers


Frau Obsidian

Frau Herz

Frau Kaltenbach

Frau Manie

The interrogation

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